How to write Instagram Captions that get engagement

I want to chat about writing effective Instagram captions. There’s absolutely a strategy behind this and if you want people to actually stop, read and engage with your content, and then your captions have to be on point to make sure you’re strategically approaching all areas of Instagram and not just your captions.

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 So let’s get started.  your image is what stops people from scrolling, but your caption is what makes people engage, follow, inquire about what you have to offer and even buy from you.  if done right,  you can achieve all of these things with one well-written caption.  so what does that look like, should it be long, should it be short, should be personal, funny, well, there’s a lot of ways that you can approach Instagram captions but I’ve built a little framework that looks like this.

 First, you need an enticing headline, then you need to drop a value bomb and finally follow it up with a strategic Call To Action. These are all the elements you need to create conversion focused captions that get your audience taking meaningful action.

You need to stop worrying about the likes and instead focus on meaningful activity like comments, dms, link clicks and post shares. These actions show that your content is impactful and has led your audience to take an action that actually pushes them closer to purchasing your product or service. So likes are a poor measure of success and are not what you should be striving for going forward.

 So let’s talk about that enticing headline.

 When viewing a post on Instagram, only the first line of the caption is visible before the viewer is forced to click that read more button to see the rest. That’s why it’s super important that we use text that makes them want more. This might be a bold statement, a question or a cliffhanger such as “the three things that help me scale to seven figures” or “did you know this one thing can drastically improve your productivity.

 These enticing headlines make people want to click, because they’re intriguing, because they might learn how they made seven figures or you know how to increase their productivity. Whatever it may be, so make sure that it’s intriguing, make sure it’s enticing and just always think about getting them to click that read more button. From there you have to deliver a value bomb that expands on the statement you made in your headline.

 So for example, if you wrote last year I made 250k on Instagram the rest of your captions should explain in detail how you did that. The easiest way to do this is with a bulleted list. But you can write it in any way that feels natural to you, just make sure you take into account proper paragraph spacing.

 Now i know that that sounds simple, but Instagram actually makes it pretty hard to do for some reason. so many people will just resort to posting one huge block of text which is really hard to read and will likely encourage the viewer to just scroll past, to fix that i highly suggest using later to write your captions. When you write your caption, in later you simply return your text to a new line and when it publishes to Instagram it’s all lined up perfectly. When trying to do this manually you have to be very careful to get it right. you can also use later to save your captions so that you can keep the framework the same and build off that template every time you go to schedule a new post. later is super easy to use, has a desktop and mobile app allows you to schedule your content based on the best time to post for your unique account and handles all of that tricky paragraph spacing for you. Additionally, it can help you find quality hashtags, auto post while you’re asleep and even schedule your first comment.  later’s goal is to simplify Instagram marketing and make it accessible for businesses of all sizes individuals and solopreneurs.

 So back to the value bomb, this is absolutely key to getting anyone to care about what you have to say, your audience should gain something from your caption. Okay, either they’re learning something through tips, tricks or facts or they’re experiencing a feeling of relatability entertainment or emotion.   now there is no hard or fast rule here on how long your caption should be, but if it’s super short my guess is you aren’t actually provided much value.  So I’d highly recommend trying to flesh out your caption further to really make it worth the while for your viewers.

Once you’ve nailed the value bomb, you need to finish it off with a super strong and strategic call to action that encourages your audience to take the next step. that may be as simple as “comment below if you’ve learned something new” or  “tag a friend who needs to see this” which is okay and a good basic CTA, but what I’d really encourage you to do is to make your CTA extremely specific such as “click the link in my bio to find out about xyz” or “send me a dm if you’ve ever felt this way or this resonated with you” these CTA’s are going to get your audience to take that meaningful action that i mentioned before which will lead them to your website where they can check out your products or sign up for your email list or they’re going to leave a comment or dm you which opens up a personal conversation with them. From there you can educate them about your offer in a non-sleazy way and make way more sales than if you skipped your CTA altogether.

 So that is my method for writing easy and effective Instagram captions. it’s not complex and shouldn’t take a lot of time, just remember that you need to attract them with that enticing headline, wow them with the value bomb and guide them with your CTA.

 I hope this helps give you a bit more clarity on how to write a caption that serves your audience and your bottom line at the same time.

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