How to do SEO for Amazon Sellers | A9 Algorithm

You may be thinking why your products not getting listed in Amazon’s first page,  when customer search for products similar to what you are selling, even after updating or filling all the sections in the backend.

Do you know you are missing something of what your competitors are doing?

Don’t worry

Here I’ll tell you what all you should do to get your products listed in the first page of the Amazon search results.

Just like other search engines like Google or Bing,  Amazon has its own search engine, here you can use SEO techniques to rank your products higher which can increase sales with Amazon.

Where customer type queries into the search box, the Amazon algorithm presents what it thinks are the most relevant results. If the results are good, the user won’t pass the first page. Do you know why?

Because they’ve found what they’re looking for.

Remember, Amazon is all about selling things.

Amazon want’s their customers to be happy with the results so that they become their repeat customers.

Yea, who doesn’t?

But there’s a catch. There’s no guarantee that you’ll secure a first page on Amazon. Nobody wants to be on page 10. You’ll never reach your target audience that way.

Let’s discuss more with an example in the following video:

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