How to write Instagram Captions that get engagement

How to write Instagram Captions that get engagement

I want to chat about writing effective Instagram captions. There’s absolutely a strategy behind this and if you want people to actually stop, read and engage with your content, and then your captions have to be on point to make sure you’re strategically approaching all areas of Instagram and not just your captions.  Then i … Read more

How to do SEO for Amazon Sellers | A9 Algorithm

seo optimization for amazon sellers

You may be thinking why your products not getting listed in Amazon’s first page,  when customer search for products similar to what you are selling, even after updating or filling all the sections in the backend. Do you know you are missing something of what your competitors are doing? Don’t worry Here I’ll tell you … Read more

What is a Lead?

As Digital Marketers we use the word so much. Get Leads, Convert Leads, This Lead, That Lead, and so on. However, what is a “lead” in the real sense? That’s what we are going to learn today. There are a lot of people out there in the real world who would want to buy your … Read more